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Stamey’s Green Tomato


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We have heard many requests for restocking our customer’s favorite to our pantry. Our Pickled Green Tomatoes have made a name for themselves. We work diligently on having them available year-round for you.

It is a race against the clock in order to pickle them as soon as they are delivered to us. Grown in US soil, this is another special item locally grown in North Carolina. It is hard work, but we love hearing how much our customers love this recipe of ours. There seems to be a common adjective our customers use for our food items and that is ADDICTIVE! Juicy and crisp at the same time, as our seasoning compliments our tomatoes just right. Try them, you won’t be sorry!

Weight per quart is approximately 3lbs. Some variance may occur

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 7 in
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